Benefits Of Learning

How the brain is utilised when doing Abacus Mental training.

Benefits Of 3G Abacus

Learning 3G Abacus improves student’s mental capacity, as the students will be trained on using mental models and formulae for mental arithmetic. It enhances response time, memory and concentration power.

In additional, the reduced sets of formulae also means that learning becomes easier and more enjoyable for children!

What’s More?

Learning abacus had been cited by many renowned institutions that it is able to stimulate both left and right brain at the same time, resulting in a balanced brain development.

How It Works?

Students started out with practicing arithmetic concepts of Mathematics using Abacus. When they are familiarised with the abacus, they will progress to Mental Calculation which requires students to imagine the beads and columns of the abacus, and move the beads in their head. With practices, not only will they be able to use both brains at the same time when doing sums, they will also become more sensitive to number accuracy and be more confident in Mathematics!