How young can my child start to learn 3G Abacus?

Students can start learning 3G Abacus course from 5 years old onwards.
For Nursery to Kindergarten 2 (4-6 years old), students will start from the Preparatory Course.
For Primary 1-6, students will start from the Elementary Level.

My child does not have any Abacus background, can he learn?

Yes, no problem for that. In fact, almost all of the children have no prior abacus background when joining, we will teach them from the basic.

My child is upper primary now. Is it too late to join?

Your child can still join, but she will most probably complete the Elementary syllabus faster.

Will there be conflict with his Maths in school?

For 3G Abacus, because we use the 9 beads abacus, the concept is actually same to the school’s method, (every 10 carry over). For our students, it actually help them in their school work. Usually our students who has been with us for at least a year before starting P1 can achieve very good results in Maths.

What is the difference between 3G Abacus and the traditional 4 beads abacus?

The abacus we use is different. We uses the 9 beads abacus, while traditional abacus uses the 4 bead abacus. As such, the formula that student need to learn is much lesser. For the 4 beads abacus, they will need to learn 6 sets of formulae, but for 3G Abacus, students only need to learn 2 sets of formulae. It reduces the time they take to learn.
The ultimate goal of learning Abacus Mental-Arithmetic is to achieve fast and accurate calculation, which 3G Abacus can help students achieve this goal in a shorter period of time.

How qualified are the Instructors?

All our certified Instructors are trained with the complete Syllabus and Teaching Pedagogy, and met with the minimum National Standard for Abacus and Mental Arithmetic for instructors.

What other programme or activities does 3G Abacus offers to my child?

  1. Grading Examination
  2. 3G Abacus organizes Annual 3G Abacus Mental-Arithmetic International Grading Examination.

    This is open for all 3G Abacus students in Singapore and Overseas.
    Public abacus and mental-arithmetic learners in Singapore are also welcomed to enrol.

    We organise annual 3G Abacus Grading Examination to ascertain students’ standards in their learning progress.

  3. Competition
  4. We regularly hold International Competitions to promote friendly competition and encourage mastery of the 3G Abacus and Mental-Arithmetic.

    This is open for all 3G Abacus students in Singapore and invited overseas groups.