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3rd Generation (2-in-1) Abacus, or 3G Abacus, is a new concept that combines 9-bead and traditional abacus. It allows students to pick up the technique of Abacus more quickly, and relate better to mainstream Mathematics.

Our founder, Mdm Chee, who has over a decade of experience in Abacus training, leads a team of high quality instructors to expand the awareness of the 3G abacus and the growing need for abacus training in Singapore and around the world.

U E Learning Centre has been established since 2002. We have come through these years from initially having insufficient human and physical resources,

to our current status of having more than 50 active instructors around Singapore. Every year, we have more than 1000 new students in various locations of Singapore, such as Residential Committees (RCs), Community Centres (CCs), private education centres, kindergartens and schools etc.

In the next 10 years, we look forward to welcoming more overseas franchisees. With more students worldwide, we hope to expand the global reach of our annual International Competition.

UE 3G Abacus Pte Ltd was established on February 2012, as part of the expansion of U E Learning Centre in 3G Abacus industry.

Our Milestones


  • U E Learning Centre was set up by Mdm Chee to provide abacus & mental arithmetic courses.


  • 3G Abacus was founded. Mdm Chee designed a set of syllabus for 3G Abacus,  registered the abacus design, and registered trademark of 3G Abacus.


  • 3G Abacus-Mental Arithmetic Competition went international! The inaugural 3G Abacus-Mental Arithmetic International Competition 2008 was held.


  • U E Learning Centre has been registered with the Singapore People’s Association (PA) as “Private Operator for 3G Abacus-Mental Arithmetic Course at CCs/RCs”.


  • U E Learning Centre conducted a charity volunteer teaching program with Sunbeam of Singapore Children Society.
  • We implemented licensee arrangements locally in order to control the quality of 3G Abacus teaching in a systematic way.
  • We have also established our very own 3G Abacus Mental-Arithmetic International Grading Exam System.


  • U E Learning Centre successfully held the 1st 3G Abacus Mental-Arithmetic International Grading Examination on 4th September 2011.
  • We had also expanded our business with a total of over 180 places to enrol in the 3G Abacus course.


  • UE 3G Abacus Pte Ltd started operation in February, to cater to the expanding business to local and overseas partners.
  • 1st overseas Franchisee was set up.


  • U E Learning Centre sent a team of 9 members to participate in the Hong Kong International Mathematics and Mental Arithmetic Competition 2013. We clinched 1st prize for Primary 4 in Team Category and several Individual awards!
  • UE 3G Abacus Pte Ltd was awarded with Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise 2013.


  • 3G Abacus International Competition was successfully held. Representatives from our overseas franchisee sent a team to participate in this event.


  • We sent a team to Tangkak, Johor Malaysia in July 2015 to participate in the International Abacus Mental Arithmetic Competition. One of our student clinched the 1st of Champion in Category D, and 4 of our students clinched 1st prize on Category B, C and D respectively!


  • We welcomed teams from Malaysia, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia to Singapore to partiticate in our competition held in Singapore.
  • 3G Abacus Singapore sent a team of students to take part in the International Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Competition in Sarawak Malaysia, and 1 of our students clinched overall Champion in Category A.


  • 3G Abacus expands Franchise to Delhi & NCR region in India.
  • 3G Abacus Singapore sent a team of students to take part in the International Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Competition in Tangkak Malaysia, and 65% of our team was awarded with Gold Award!


  • UE 3G Abacus Pte Ltd held the 6th 3G Abacus Mental-Arithmetic International Competition, and welcomed teams from Malaysia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan to participate in this competition!


  • 3G Abacus expands to Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.
  • 3G Abacus Singapore sent a team of students to take part in the 2019 World City Cup in Mental Arithmetic, Abacus and Mathematics in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and 67% of our team was awarded with Gold Award!


  • UE 3G Abacus Pte Ltd emerges as 1 of the top 500 SMEs in Singapore to receive the SME 500 Award 2020/2021.


3G Abacus held our 1st virtual competition. This is a breakthrough to traditional ways to organising abacus and mental arithmetic competition.

Vision (愿景)

Reach out to students in Singapore and globally to equip them with knowledge on Abacus and Mental Calculation.


We are dedicated to educate and bring the best out each student in abacus and mental arithmetic.

  • All students to be able to grasp the principle of abacus and the basics of calculations.
  • To help each student to gain interest and be confident in mental calculation.
  • Teaching students in accordance to one’s ability.
  • To groom talented students to become an outstanding Mental-Arithmetic master.

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