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We simplify the abacus technique to help you and your child pick up the technique of calculation faster.

Our in-house syllabus makes learning fun and easy for new learners, and challenging for advanced learner!


3G Abacus

3G Abacus is the leading Abacus Mental-Arithmetic brand in Singapore, which uses the newest concept of 9-beaded abacus to simplify abacus mental-arithmetic learning. It simplifies the working principal of abacus calculation, and allows students to pick up the technique of Abacus more quickly, and relate better to mainstream Mathematics calculation.

Our founder, Mdm Chee, who has over 2 decade of experience in Abacus training, leads a team of high quality instructors to expand the awareness of the 3G abacus and the growing need for abacus training in Singapore and around the world.

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Improve Your Child’s Maths Foundation With These Techniques

As a parent, you know how critical it is for your child to improve their math foundation. But where do you start? How do you ensure they grasp key concepts instead of just memorising facts? Let us share some proven techniques that can improve math foundation in children. With a bit of effort and creativity […]

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How Abacus Classes for Kids in Singapore Enhance Math Skills?

Have you ever wondered what is the best way to improve your child’s maths while sparking an interest in the subject? Look no further than abacus classes for kids in Singapore! These ancient calculation tools can transform your kid’s math skills in ways you never imagined. In this article, let us discover the secret formula […]

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Check out our 3GAbELS from 1st August

Brand new features for ALL 3G Abacus students! Stay tuned!

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Tips to Improve Mental Calculation Skills at Home

For your child, calculating sums in their head can seem daunting, however, it doesn’t have to be. Read on for some brilliant tips to improve your mental calculation skills from the experts at 3G Abacus. We’ll cover simple exercises to sharpen their skills, helpful visualisation techniques, fun maths games for all ages, speed calculation methods […]

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Benefits Of An Abacus Trainer Course In Singapore 2024

You’ve been wondering if an abacus trainer course is worth the investment in 2024. This comprehensive course  by 3G Abacus packs in so much knowledge from abacus techniques to classroom management to cognitive, teaching and communication skills that will develop you holistically. Read on to learn about all the skills you will gain from enrolling […]

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Abacus Teacher Training: Transform Your Teaching Approach

Have you ever felt like your Maths lessons could do with a shake-up? Want to take your teaching to the next level and really get those little grey cells going? Well, you’re in luck! Abacus teacher training could be just the thing to transform your teaching methods and really get students fired up about numbers. […]

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How Mental Arithmetic Enhances Education in Singapore?

As a parent in Singapore, you understand the importance of a strong foundation in mathematics for your child’s academic success and future career prospects. Mental arithmetic has long played a pivotal role in Singapore’s education system and curriculum. Developing strong mental math skills from a young age provides lifelong benefits for analytical thinking, memory, focus […]

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2024 Genting International Abacus Mental Competition

Congratulations to all our students who have participated in the 2024 Genting International Abacus Mental Competition, held on 7 July 2024, at Genting International Convention Centre, Genting Highland Malaysia!

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Courses Offered

3G Abacus offers courses to children as young as 5 year old, to senior citizens. Learning never stops!

Find a course that suits your learning need now.

Preparatory Course

This course helps to build foundation in numbers and to prepare them for future challenges in Abacus Mental-Arithmetic and Mathematics calculation.
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Children Course

This course has 3 levels in total, Elementary Intermediate and Advanced. It covers the entire syllabus of 3G Abacus Mental-Arithmetic learning up to mid-high level.
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Post-Advanced Course

This course provides students with strong interest in the Abacus and Mental-Arithmetic to continue with more challenging questions, and to help students achieve higher levels and gradings.
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Adult Course

This course covers the Elementary, Intermediate and Advance levels of 3G Abacus syllabus. Adult course will have a more flexible lesson schedule, and faster advancement in the learning.
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Senior Citizen Course

This course is suitable for senior learners who would like to learn 3G Abacus Mental-Arithmetic at a comfortable pace. This course can help to train the memory and response capability of the learners, and to improve hand-eye-brain coordination.
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Instructors' Training Programme

This programme is for Adults students who would like to join 3G Abacus as an Instructor. It includes the qualification training, assessment, and certification for potential instructors.
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E-Learning DVD (Elementary Level)

Suitable for learners who would like to self-explore and learn 3G Abacus at the comfort of their home. The DVDs follow the lesson by lesson pace of teaching, and provide learners self-paced practicing.
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Private Class

We have a group of qualified instructors who offer home tuition of 3G Abacus for children.
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What Our Students Say

Learning Abacus and Mental-Arithmetic became part of my life when I was 5 years old. Back then, the formulas were foreign to me. Through these years, I grasped the rationale behind these formulas. They were actually magical numbers to do calculations! I was amazed at knowing how an abacus could do multiplication and division of large as well as decimal numbers without using a calculator. When doing mental-arithmetic, the formulas would aid me too. Mr Lee has always been there for me. When I faced difficulties, he helped me overcome them. He taught me techniques, tricks and tips that could not be found in textbooks. He has made learning abacus fun and interesting. Learning Abacus and Mental-Arithmetic improves my memory. It also inculcates discipline and helps me focus in my study. If given the opportunity, I would like to guide other children. I am happy and grateful to master this international language.

Goh Zhi Xian — 12 YO

Children Student

I started learning at the age of 3 at 3G Abacus, all these years, the mental arithmetic has helped me to gain confidence, especially in situations where I have to think fast. It also helped me to get successful entry into NUS High. Your patience and passionate teaching was very beneficial to me, and I hope that it will continue to benefit me in the future. I want to thank you for teaching me all these years, and am very grateful for the experience of learning here. Thank you Mdm Chee

Adrian Bih – 12 YO

Children Student

I have started to pick up 3G Abacus since I was 5 years old.  At first, I was afraid that the sums were too complex and confusing.  However, I was surprised that I was able to grasp the formulas within a month!  Instantly, I developed a strong passion for Abacus and Mental-Arithmetic and doing practices incessantly every day. When I went into primary school, I realized that I was already one step ahead of the others as I knew all the multiplication and division sums.  In addition, it allowed me to do my workings quicker than the rest.  Hence, I managed to ace in my Mathematics examinations and would learn new Mathematics skills faster than my peers. During my learning process in 3G Abacus, I certainly faced setbacks.  Due to the massive amount of homework and revision for examinations, I only had little time to practice, especially at Primary 6.  In addition, my previous instructor, Mr. Lee, had fallen ill.  As such, I had to travel further to Jurong to be coached by Mdm. Chee and needed to adapt with the sudden changes quickly.  Luckily, I managed to persist and overcome these challenges. I managed to clinch Abacus Grade 1 and Mental Super Degree this year.  In addition, I was the second person to achieve the Triple Crown Award.  At that point of time, I was overwhelmed with gratitude to those who had spent relentless hours to coach me. Through this learning, I did not only learn mathematics sums, but also crucial life skills to prepare for my life-long journey – better concentration and disciplined.  Thank you 3G Abacus!

Jovan Hoe — 12 YO

Children Student

He started learning 3G Abacus in primary one and after 2 years, he is currently undertaking the post advanced courses with 3G Abacus.Wei Ren shows strong interest in mathematics and that was the driving factor for him to take up the Abacus class. He has now been almost two and a half years learning Abacus. The course indeed helps him to speed up the mathematic learning and improves his mathematic results, making him more enthusiastic in studying mathematics. Thank you 3G Abacus for providing various chances to Wei Ren to participate in various International Competition in Singapore and overseas, where he clinched 1st and 2nd prize. These competitions helped him to realized his potential in the mental arithmetic aspects. It is certainly a great and meaningful experience to him, and obtaining a gold award in the 2017 Malaysia International Mental Arithmetic Competition is a great encouragement for him to excel further!

Wei Ren’s Mummy


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