We are constantly recruiting new teachers to join our 3G Abacus Instructor team. If you wish to teach and be a qualified 3G Abacus Instructor, you will need to successfully:

  • Complete 3 levels of training course (includes Elementary, Intermediate & Advanced) and pass all prescribed tests.
  • Complete Instructors’ Workshop
  • Attain at least Mental Grade 3 and Abacus Grade 6 in the 3G Abacus Mental-Arithmetic International Grading Examination


In addition, you will also need to have a minimum requirement of:

  • ‘O’ Level or equivalent with passes in English and Mathematics

As a qualified 3G Abacus Instructor, you will have the opportunities to conduct lessons in RCs, CCs and Kindergartens.
Our next upcoming Instructors’ Qualification Workshop will be held in June 2024.


If interested, please email to info@3gabacus.com