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What Our Students Say

I have started to pick up 3G Abacus since I was 5 years old.  At first, I was afraid that the sums were too complex and confusing.  However, I was surprised that I was able to grasp the formulas within a month!  Instantly, I developed a strong passion for Abacus and Mental-Arithmetic and doing practices incessantly every day.

When I went into primary school, I realized that I was already one step ahead of the others as I knew all the multiplication and division sums.  In addition, it allowed me to do my workings quicker than the rest.  Hence, I managed to ace in my Mathematics examinations and would learn new Mathematics skills faster than my peers.

During my learning process in 3G Abacus, I certainly faced setbacks.  Due to the massive amount of homework and revision for examinations, I only had little time to practice, especially at Primary 6.  In addition, my previous instructor, Mr. Lee, had fallen ill.  As such, I had to travel further to Jurong to be coached by Mdm. Chee and needed to adapt with the sudden changes quickly.  Luckily, I managed to persist and overcome these challenges.

I managed to clinch Abacus Grade 1 and Mental Super Degree this year.  In addition, I was the second person to achieve the Triple Crown Award.  At that point of time, I was overwhelmed with gratitude to those who had spent relentless hours to coach me.

Through this learning, I did not only learn mathematics sums, but also crucial life skills to prepare for my life-long journey – better concentration and disciplined.  Thank you 3G Abacus!

Jovan Hoe — 12 YO

Children Student

Learning Abacus and Mental-Arithmetic became part of my life when I was 5 years old. Back then, the formulas were foreign to me. Through these years, I grasped the rationale behind these formulas. They were actually magical numbers to do calculations!

I was amazed at knowing how an abacus could do multiplication and division of large as well as decimal numbers without using a calculator. When doing mental-arithmetic, the formulas would aid me too.

Mr Lee has always been there for me. When I faced difficulties, he helped me overcome them. He taught me techniques, tricks and tips that could not be found in textbooks. He has made learning abacus fun and interesting.

Learning Abacus and Mental-Arithmetic improves my memory. It also inculcates discipline and helps me focus in my study. If given the opportunity, I would like to guide other children. I am happy and grateful to master this international language.

Goh Zhi Xian — 12 YO

Children Student

I have been learning 3G Abacus and Mental-Arithmetic at U E Learning Centre since I was five. I like this course because it helps to improve my mental calculation and memory skills. Recently, I took part in the 3G Abacus Mental-Arithmetic Competition and I won the 2nd prize! I am very happy and will continue to work hard.

Javelle Toh — 7 YO

Children Student

I started learning 3G Abacus when I was 4 year old. I learned numbers by counting the beads. I loved 3G Abacus because it helped me to improve my mathematic. My father also learned the 3G Abacus with me for about 1 year. We took part in grading exam and competition together. I will continue to learn 3G Abacus.

Tan Jun Yu — 7 YO

Children Student

I enjoy taking up 3G Abacus as it helped me in my mental calculations in my school. It also helped me improve my grades from 83/100 to 98/100. The teachers there are very kind and would help you if you encounter any difficulties. Last but not least, I would like to thank Madam Chee for helping me for the past few years. She has helped me greatly and I also inspire her teaching.

Megan Lim — 10 YO

Children Student

I have studied 3G Abacus at U E Learning Centre for 7 years. When I first started learning Abacus and Mental-Arithmetic, I had difficulty knowing how to use an abacus. I also had a hard time remembering the formulas and numbers. But under the guidance and help from the kind and caring teachers, I gradually improved over the years. By learning Abacus Mental-Arithmetic, it helped me in my studies too, as I could calculate without the calculator, and also me speed of calculation is also faster than my peers!

Choon Wei Siang — 13 YO

Children Student

Mdm Chee had helped me in a lot of ways to build my foundation, and persistently pushed me to realise my potential. I believe the foundation I built in Mental Arithmetic wil help me in my future learning journey.

Heng Jee Joo — 16 YO

Children Student

I have been in 3G Abacus for 5 years. Abacus has improved my understanding of Mathematics. It made me less reliant on using electronic calculators which allows me opportunities to improve my mental skills. This led to me acquiring better mental calculation skills and has improved my memory. Its benefits are useful in my academic studies. Furthermore, learning abacus is fun and enriching.

Regan Phua — 14 YO

Children Student

I started learning at the age of 3 at 3G Abacus, all these years, the mental arithmetic has helped me to gain confidence, especially in situations where I have to think fast. It also helped me to get successful entry into NUS High. Your patience and passionate teaching was very beneficial to me, and I hope that it will continue to benefit me in the future. I want to thank you for teaching me all these years, and am very grateful for the experience of learning here. Thank you Mdm Chee

Adrian Bih – 12 YO

Children Student

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What Our Students Say

I joined 3G Abacus  3 years before in UE Learning Centre under the guidance of Founder cum Instructor Mdm. Chee. I enjoyed every movement of this journey. I am a Licensee holder now and have my own abacus class.3G Abacus is one of the most powerful program in improving a child’s efficiency and performance level. It makes the child confident, speedy and more focussed. It also helps in developing visualisation skills. This program is well – planned and introduced in a manner which children are able to understand and grasp comfortably.

 In times of cut throat competition, where the kids have a tough schedule to follow,3G Abacus does not prove to be an extra burden on them. Rather, the pace of progress is enjoyable and comfortable at the same time.

 The positive feedback from parents about the immense improvement in their children fills us with contentment and satisfaction. It has been a great learning experience for me whereby I have not only been an instrument of a child’s development but have immense benefited from my team with wonderfully positive people around me and especially our mentor, Founder of 3G Abacus Mdm. Chee. She is a great inspiration to all of us.

Instructor Ragini Bawane


Time really flies fast. It has been more than 10 years since I have dealt with this 9-beaded abacus. Honestly speaking, the initial thought of me taking up 3G Abacus is a very pure and simple one – to build up the number-sense of my own children in a fun and easy way.  When I first got to know about 3G Abacus, I was very excited as it seemed to have solved all my problems. I love the idea of the 9-beaded abacus teaching as it literally is what-you-see-is-what-you-get. It does not cause confusion and contradiction to what the children have learnt in school.

The idea of teaching has never come to my mind until Mdm Chee encouraged me to try teaching. I thought, “Well, no harm trying right?” So, that’s the start of my teaching career.

Teaching is very addictive. The more you teach, the more you would want to teach. I love the smiles on the children’s face when they are able to complete the questions within the given time. I love the smiling faces of the children when they come out from the examination hall, showing that they are confident to pass the grading exam. I love the satisfying looks of the children when they are able to get a prize from the competition. And, I love the confident looks of the children when they come back and tell me how well they have scored for their Mathematics exam in school. All these have motivated me greatly to move on from time to time.

When it comes to learning, parents play a very important role too. I’m very lucky to have very supportive parents who will help me to time their kids when they are doing their homework at home and to make sure that the kids finish up their homework in time. These have helped to expedite the process for the students to know the importance of timing and hence developing better time management skill in them.

All these years of teaching have taught me a very important thing – The more you love your students, the more the students will love you.

Ryce Koh




Lee Shaw Wee


Herald Learning Center, previously known as Nickel Apple Learning Centre, is a dedicated abacus learning centre that focuses on small group learning through experienced teachers and specially edited programme to build up the children’s mental calculation and strength progressively. The specially edited programme capitalizes on the fundamentals of 3G abacus that differ from traditional abacus teachings by incorporating easier techniques that are easily comprehended and mastered by students of all ages and levels.

Recognizing the importance of delivering an effective learning programme, teachers at Herald had been successful in incorporating quick-to-learn 3G techniques through meticulously designed formulas. The programme increases the speed and capacity to count, equipping children with a strong foundation to academic subjects such as mathematics. Most importantly, by inculcating formulas to the basic human ability to count, children are made aware that the ability to recognize and introduce pat-terns and regularities to basic leaning could aid the process of acquiring the skills. The former is critical to a young mind as it introduces a discipline built on the essence of logic and analytics which is key in visualizing, articulating and solving complex and complicated concepts in his/her future endeavors.

Our centre had witnessed the success of many of our students who had effectively mastered the art of 3G Abacus. While some had excelled in their performances academically, others had taken home top awards at international competitions held in Hong Kong.

Herald Learning Centre


3rd Generation Abacus is an effective and strategic way of allowing children to learn math concept in a simplified way as it only requires student to memorize 2 sets of formulae. Students can pick up the skills faster this way.

This course is professionally structured in such a way that one can progress systematically. It includes theories and plenty of practices to reinforce one’s foundation. We strongly believe Abacus still has a part to play in the modern days now and it is able to aid the younger generation as we advance into the technological age.

This course can improve a child’s memory and thinking skills, and it also inculcates an interest in mathematics in the student. One can also learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide both using an abacus and using mental calculation very quickly through the course. It will help children who are in lower primary in the understanding of number bond in primary school Math.

This skill has proven to be beneficial in improving one’s mental capability, increasing one’s speed of response, memory power and concentration power.

Edufarm Learning Centre


Nearly 3 years ago, I was searching for a suitable abacus class for my kids. I found out there are different types of abacus available in the market. I was a bit confused which one to embrace. I decided to find out the differences between the various abacuses. I personally went to a few centres to learn what kind of abacus, formulas, and materials they are using to teach children.
I met Mdm Chee, in U E Learning Centre at Jurong East. She explained to me in detail what is 3G Abacus, and how it differs from other abacus. It uses only 2 sets of formulas, and it is closer to the Mathematical methods children are learning in school.

I was impressed by the methods that 3G Abacus is using, because anyone can pick up their methods very quickly and easily, if they learn.

I was again impressed by Mdm Chee, because she is the founder of 3G Abacus. She is so polite, friendly, humble, and ready to help others.

I decided to learn this course. After I completed this course, I got the opportunity to open a franchise in Saudi Arabia. I trained teachers and students, and they all love it!



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What Our Students Say

I’m so pleased with my decision to enroll both my children at for 3G Abacus from an early age.  Over the past 5 years it played a very important role to build their confidence and appreciation towards arithmetic.

Hosshini’s Mummy


We are very confident that 3G Abacus has brought out the potential of Jovan. 3G Abacus provides the opportunity to open up Jovan’s exposure via international and local competition. What impressed us most is that he was able to give performance in the 4th 3G Abacus Mental-Arithmetic Competition 2014 without any fear and pressure. Jovan’s Mathematical computation ability has also impressed our relatives, friends, his principal and teachers. Jovan is very motivated with his progress and achievement. He even requested to do more by studying a higher grade of Mathematics.

Jovan truly enjoys the learning and has never missed a single lesson thus far. I will not hesitate to recommend 3G Abacus to my friends.

Jovan’s Mummy


我的孩子学习3G 珠心算已有七年了,今年刚升上成人班!当初从朋友那里知道什么是心算与珠算后,我就上网找到了优异学习坊的3G珠心算课程。







He started learning 3G Abacus in primary one and after 2 years, he is currently undertaking the post advanced courses with 3G Abacus.Wei Ren shows strong interest in mathematics and that was the driving factor for him to take up the Abacus class. He has now been almost two and a half years learning Abacus. The course indeed helps him to speed up the mathematic learning and improves his mathematic results, making him more enthusiastic in studying mathematics.

Thank you 3G Abacus for providing various chances to Wei Ren to participate in various International Competition in Singapore and overseas, where he clinched 1st and 2nd prize. These competitions helped him to realized his potential in the mental arithmetic aspects. It is certainly a great and meaningful experience to him, and obtaining a gold award in the 2017 Malaysia International Mental Arithmetic Competition is a great encouragement for him to excel further!

Wei Ren’s Mummy


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