3rd Generation Abacus is an effective and strategic way of allowing children to learn math concept in a simplified way as it only requires student to memorize 2 sets of formulae. Students can pick up the skills faster this way.

This course is professionally structured in such a way that one can progress systematically. It includes theories and plenty of practices to reinforce one’s foundation. We strongly believe Abacus still has a part to play in the modern days now and it is able to aid the younger generation as we advance into the technological age.

This course can improve a child’s memory and thinking skills, and it also inculcates an interest in mathematics in the student. One can also learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide both using an abacus and using mental calculation very quickly through the course. It will help children who are in lower primary in the understanding of number bond in primary school Math.

This skill has proven to be beneficial in improving one’s mental capability, increasing one’s speed of response, memory power and concentration power.