I have started to pick up 3G Abacus since I was 5 years old.  At first, I was afraid that the sums were too complex and confusing.  However, I was surprised that I was able to grasp the formulas within a month!  Instantly, I developed a strong passion for Abacus and Mental-Arithmetic and doing practices incessantly every day.

When I went into primary school, I realized that I was already one step ahead of the others as I knew all the multiplication and division sums.  In addition, it allowed me to do my workings quicker than the rest.  Hence, I managed to ace in my Mathematics examinations and would learn new Mathematics skills faster than my peers.

During my learning process in 3G Abacus, I certainly faced setbacks.  Due to the massive amount of homework and revision for examinations, I only had little time to practice, especially at Primary 6.  In addition, my previous instructor, Mr. Lee, had fallen ill.  As such, I had to travel further to Jurong to be coached by Mdm. Chee and needed to adapt with the sudden changes quickly.  Luckily, I managed to persist and overcome these challenges.

I managed to clinch Abacus Grade 1 and Mental Super Degree this year.  In addition, I was the second person to achieve the Triple Crown Award.  At that point of time, I was overwhelmed with gratitude to those who had spent relentless hours to coach me.

Through this learning, I did not only learn mathematics sums, but also crucial life skills to prepare for my life-long journey – better concentration and disciplined.  Thank you 3G Abacus!