Nearly 3 years ago, I was searching for a suitable abacus class for my kids. I found out there are different types of abacus available in the market. I was a bit confused which one to embrace. I decided to find out the differences between the various abacuses. I personally went to a few centres to learn what kind of abacus, formulas, and materials they are using to teach children.
I met Mdm Chee, in U E Learning Centre at Jurong East. She explained to me in detail what is 3G Abacus, and how it differs from other abacus. It uses only 2 sets of formulas, and it is closer to the Mathematical methods children are learning in school.

I was impressed by the methods that 3G Abacus is using, because anyone can pick up their methods very quickly and easily, if they learn.

I was again impressed by Mdm Chee, because she is the founder of 3G Abacus. She is so polite, friendly, humble, and ready to help others.

I decided to learn this course. After I completed this course, I got the opportunity to open a franchise in Saudi Arabia. I trained teachers and students, and they all love it!