He started learning 3G Abacus in primary one and after 2 years, he is currently undertaking the post advanced courses with 3G Abacus.Wei Ren shows strong interest in mathematics and that was the driving factor for him to take up the Abacus class. He has now been almost two and a half years learning Abacus. The course indeed helps him to speed up the mathematic learning and improves his mathematic results, making him more enthusiastic in studying mathematics.

Thank you 3G Abacus for providing various chances to Wei Ren to participate in various International Competition in Singapore and overseas, where he clinched 1st and 2nd prize. These competitions helped him to realized his potential in the mental arithmetic aspects. It is certainly a great and meaningful experience to him, and obtaining a gold award in the 2017 Malaysia International Mental Arithmetic Competition is a great encouragement for him to excel further!