• 7th 3G Abacus Mental-Arithmetic International Grading Examination 2017

  • Instructors' Workshop 2017

  • 2016 Borneo Cup - International Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Meet 18 December 2016, Singapore Team

  • 5th 3G Abacus Mental-Arithmetic International Competition 2016 - 1st and 2nd Prize Winners from various categories

  • 5th 3G Abacus Mental-Arithmetic International Competition 2016

  • 4th 3G Abacus Mental-Arithmetic Competition

Welcome to 3G Abacus

3rd Generation (2-in-1) Abacus, or 3G Abacus, is a new concept that combines 9-bead and traditional abacus. It allows students to pick up the technique of Abacus more quickly, and relate better to mainstream Mathematics.

Our founder, Mdm Chee, who has over a decade of experience in Abacus training, leads a team of high quality instructors to expand the awareness of the 3G abacus and the growing need for abacus training in Singapore and around the world.

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UE 3G Abacus Pte Ltd/U E Learning Centre Office will be from 15-18 February 2018 (Thu – Sun). Office will re-open on 19 February 2018. Happy Chinese New Year to all!

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